We all love a good story: of Warren Buffett, the folksy Wizard of Omaha who the world sits up and listens to whenever he speaks; of Sir Richard Branson who is the modern day King Midas; of Steve Jobs who saw in Apple what the rest of us never did.  

The most intriguing and beguiling stories are the ones we do not yet know the ending of.  We all live in medias res - in the middle of a story - in the middle of our own construct of what is to be our life, our destiny.  Wherever your story leads tomorrow, you have the power to control the direction it heads towards today.  Which is where we come in...

The purpose of the Auckland Property Investors' Association is to be a part of your wealth story.  We are not all born the Buffetts and the Bransons of this world but that doesn't mean something extraordinary cannot be created out of our ordinary lives.  Our wealth story is the summation of over 1,000 investor wealth stories from all around Auckland.  We celebrate every milestone of our members' success and every moment of your determination, resilience and ingenuity.  


Nuggets of the APIA wealth story:

"I have been investing in properties for seven years focusing on the Manukau market.  The passive income from my portfolio has giving my wife and I a lot of flexibility and lifestyle freedoms.  We have been able to reduce our working hours significantly at our respective salaried positions to pursue one of our goals of becoming self-employed by launching a speciality property management business in South Auckland.

I joined the Auckland Property Investors' Association in 2010 with no prior knowledge of real estate and purchased my first investment property shortly after.  Being a member of the Association has helped me significantly with my investing.  It has given me the knowledge and motivation to overcome obstacles such as a lack of finance and strategy in the early days of my investing journey.  More recently the Association has also helped connecting me with the right industry contacts for property development.  I can't recommend APIA enough and am very grateful for the work of our volunteers and board members."

Jimmy Ho, 29, Auckland  

"There are many challenges investing in property at a young age - the main one being that you are predominantly involved in social groups that are not necessarily as concerned financially as you are.   APIA has bridged the information, community and mentor gap that I struggled to access and has added wealth to my investment journey through these means. Although I’ve just started out on this journey, it’s definitely with the right foot forward and backed by the right people to ensure I can solidify my future and my goals thanks to the help of APIA."

Brandon Lipman, 23, Auckland

"I came to property investing very late in life.  As a baby-boomer, I had almost resigned myself to late retirement and a lifetime of debt.  Every time I was with my wealthy investor friends, I was convinced that I had missed the boat and it was all too late for me.

Chance had it that a friend who had a significant portfolio invited me along to an APIA meeting back when they were held at the Alexandra Park.  I went along with a sense of shame and dread.  I didn't have a flash car, wasn't particularly wealthy, I was sure these investors would laugh me out of the room.  I was so impressed by the people I met that night, many of whom were ordinary people on ordinary incomes just like me!  I joined up the next day and the rest was history.  

I am semi-retired now. I say 'semi-retired' because though I no longer have a day job, my 12 properties keep me fairly busy as a landlord.  I am not actively buying properties these days but I keep my membership up to date.  Property investment is hard work but the passion of APIA members invigorates me to keep at it.  I was asked to write my wealth story for the new website, I don't know where it will lead to but I am sure it doesn't end here."

James Wilson, 67, Auckland 

"I have always been financially minded.  My parents are self-made and believe in hard work not handouts.   By the time I turned 25 I had already made and lost a lot of money on the stock market.  Never once did my parents bail me out.  But they did suggest to me to invest in properties instead.   I was very dismissive initially because it felt like hard work and a lot of hassle.  But I was sick of earning big and losing more on the stock market I thought I give properties a try.  This was back in 2010 when the property coaching industry started back up again after the GFC.  I did the whole free seminar circuit and felt really let down.  The investors I met were uninspiring and the seminar contents were repetitive.  Property just wasn't exciting for me.  I went to an APIA event to get some free information.  As expected I wasn't particularly impressed by the speaker but on my way out I spoke to an investor for what must had been a long time.  We got asked to leave because they were shutting down the hall and we ended up at a bar.  I spent the whole night talking and got so much new information that I never even thought was valuable before.  This gentleman helped me understand that investing for a passive income takes time and hard work and that everything I hated about property were just problems that could be solved.  He also introduced me to a real estate agent and through that connection I was able to buy my first investment property within the next few months.  I am still renting, because Andrew King said several times that that it is cheaper to rent in Auckland than to own, so I can put my money in properties.  I have four so far.  I plan to have enough to leave my day job in the next 10 years.  Do I still invest in stocks?  Hell no!"

Vincent Lin, 35, Auckland 


"Living in a Housing New Zealand property at Panmure 15 years ago, I certainly wouldn’t imagine that I would be in my current position right now; owning a freehold lifestyle block surrounded by the bush on Point View, overlooking Waiheke Island, taking a walk by the stream, on our own land. With the help of a property investment portfolio, I have finally achieved my financial freedom. And I truly believe you can do this too! I joined APIA in July 2014 and I wished I wound have known about it earlier. I have learned so much since and got to know a lot of investors where we can share the same interest, or so call “religion” together."


Lucia Xiao (Ambler), 42, Auckland

What about you?  What is your wealth story?

Let us be part of that narrative. 

Find out how the Auckland Property Investor's Association can help you create a more financially robust, confident and happy future,

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The Tenancy Practice Service and TPS Credit Control work closely with the Auckland Property Investors' Association. Our vision of bringing helpful resources, documents and high quality services to Auckland Property Investors and Property Managers is shared by APIA, so its a partnership that works well. 

The Auckland Property Investors' Association is a great organisation for those who want access to advice and information from a range of industry experts and partners. 

Mathieu Holt- Managing Director, The Tenancy Practice Service & TPS Credit Control
Through the Association I found the channels and methods to fund the purchase of property I never dreamed about. Grant Brown

All round it has been one of those things Neil and I felt was really worthwhile belonging to. We have learned so much it has just built our confidence in what we are doing.

Janice Bieleski
I read two articles in the monthly magazine that saved me over $5,000. That is my membership fee for the next 26 years and I am sure I will learn a whole lot more! John Duncan
Fantastic organisation. The networking opportunities are brilliant and provide us with information and opportunities that cannot be obtained anywhere else. We learn something new at every meeting and we've been in this game for nearly 20 years. Pauline and Gyanen Kumar

I find the information obtained from various APIA meetings very useful in guiding my own property investment and rental management.  I also enjoy the networking opportunities with like-minded investors.  I am inspired by other investors’ success and find the more experiences and knowledge that I share with others, the more confident I become.  

Thanks to all APIA event organizers and administrators for your brilliant work. 

Stella Shao

I like talking to people and learning from their experience because it gives me the confidence to invest well. I think it is a knowledge thing. I now know I am doing things the right way.

Stephen Weatherall

My APIA membership has become a total success.

Every time I attend a monthly or regional meeting I come away with so many useful and positive tips that have added value to my property investments and management.

Not only that, the website is a great place for practical advice and useful information. It has now evolved into an important resource for my business.

Talk about value for money! The discounts I have been getting at Bunnings when I present my APIA membership card have more than paid for my annual subscription!

Tim Duffett, Plan A Investments Limited