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Where debt can be an asset

With the financial landscape being regulated and banks becoming significantly more difficult to deal with it is important to have the correct Adviser in your corner.


Why we are one on NZ’s top Mortgage Advisers

Kris Pedersen Mortgages was started by Kris Pedersen in 2007 after seeing areas in the residential lending market where clients were either being told ‘no’ (when he knew a solution was available), or given an answer which was not in their best long-term interests.

Kris has been ranked as being within the top few largest mortgage advisors in the country for the last three years and over the last 10 years he and his team have rapidly become the choice for investor who are serious about wanting to grow their portfolio and utilise market leading advice.

Kris also speaks regularly at various Property Investor Association groups and is a respected commentator on the property and finance markets in New Zealand and overseas and features monthly in the NZ Property Investor Magazine. He along with his other advisors spend their time working closely sourcing clients' leading-edge finance strategies, with the client base range from some of NZ’s top property investors through to first home buyers.


Don’t get caught by the One Bank Trap!

Like APIA we believe in educating investors and spend significant amounts of time to assist you in moving forward with not just your property investment but also you knowledge around it. We are not in anyone tied to one lender so can advise on the positives and negatives of the different options in the market and we believe in using multiple lenders is best to grow your portfolio.

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Buying your first property?

To see how we recommend using finance to get onto the property ladder.

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  • What the banks look for when lending
  • How to structure your debt correctly
  • Why setting yourself up for future investment is important


Making your mortgage work for you

Landscapes in the lending world regularly change and it’s important to always know how the banks see your position and how you can work the current lending environment to your advantage. We offer finance strategy meetings that help you plan not only for today but also for tomorrow.

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We will help protect you and your investments

Whether we like the thought of it or not, further debt is a risk and that combined with the impossibility to know exactly what may be in store for you just around the corner brings the necessity to ensure we have ourselves adequately insured to ensure you and your loved ones are taken care of financially. Contact us for a free no obligation review.


Latest updates straight from the finance desk

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Talk to us

Talk to one of our team today about how Kris Pedersen Mortgages can help you reach your property investment goals, in most cases our services won’t cost you a cent!

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