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CoreLogic is a leading property information, analytics and services provider in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Our dynamic and customised data and insight touches New Zealanders at all levels, from the government down to everyday Kiwis, and plays a part in a multitude of industries that drive our economy.

CoreLogic provides property intelligence to investors via the RPNZ platform. RPNZ combines comprehensive NZ property information and analytical tools in an easy-to-use system, helping investors gain market insight to support their smart investment decisions.

RPNZ helps investors to:

  • compete on an even playing field by accessing the same property data and insights used by real estate agents, mortgage advisers, valuers and banks.
  • estimate potential returns to make sure the numbers stack up by accessing comparable property information.
  • keep an eye on the market by building a property watch list, searching withdrawn listings or viewing historical sales information.
  • access property data anytime, anywhere, with the Property Pro app - included free with all RPNZ subscriptions.
Get the whole story with CoreLogic:

Latest property market information and updates

The CoreLogic Research team regularly release articles, reports and videos containing the latest property market news and insight. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube , or subscribe to receive our newsletters to be kept up to date with the latest on what’s happening with property in NZ.

Membership discount

CoreLogic is delighted to be able to offer APIA members a full subscription to RPNZ at a discounted rate. Find out more here or contact us on 0800 355 355.

Contact our sales team on 0800 355 355 or at [email protected] to find out more about how CoreLogic can support your smart investment decisions or for a no-obligation demonstration of RPNZ.


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