Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel/transfer my membership?

There is a no-cancellation policy for membership subscriptions.  As soon as payment for the subscription has been made in full or in part (as in the case of memberships paid for by monthly installments) the membership can not be cancelled under any circumstances.

We are however happy to assist with transferring the membership to a nominated person.  A $15 administration fee will apply. 

Can I prepay my renewal before my membership expires?

Yes you can. In fact, many members do prepay their renewal in order to take advantage of various membership promotions we offer from time to time.  Prepaying for your membership will not prejudice the length of your subscription i.e. we will only start your new membership subscription once your current one expires and will never double up subscription periods.

Do you collect and store my personal information? What is your privacy policy?

Yes we do collect and store your personal information when you interact with our website.  Click here to review our privacy policy. 

Does APIA guarantee the works/goods of 'sponsors'?

No, we don't.  Simply because we are an independent organisation that does not give our endorsement or reviews of any businesses whatsoever.  In a sponsorship situation our role is solely passing on sponsored materials to our database in a format that has been approved by the sponsor.  If you find the goods/services of a particular sponsor unsatisfactory, please contact the sponsor directly to resolve the issue.  Beyond that you may be able to find redress under the Consumer Guarantees Act or Far Trading Act.

How much is membership?

Current membership subscription starts from $274 a year (excluding $95 joining fee on all new memberships).  For more information click here

As per an AGM resolution passed in 2009, membership fees are now subject to CPI adjustment every year on the 1st of July.

I already have a magazine subscription, can I receive a discount on my membership?

Yes you can, we will simply take away our cost price for buying the magazine on your behalf (which is $48 per year) and pass on the cost saving to your membership subscription.  Please contact [email protected] to arrange.

I was told that APIA does not give our professional advice, is that true?

Yes it is.  We do not give our any advise because we are simply not qualified to do so.  In fact, before you seek advice from anybody please make sure that they have the necessarily qualification to back up their opinions. 

Instead of giving out advice to members, we refer you to someone who is in a position to help.  From time to time members are able to call these people for a quick five to ten minutes chat on the phone.  However, if your enquiry is more complex, you may be asked to book a meeting with the person at a stipulated fee.  It is then up to you to take it further or not.

What are the costs to attend these meetings?

We operate a card or cash policy at the door.  All keynote and local meetings are free for members to attend so long as you show your membership card at the door. 

There is a door charge of $75 for keynote meetings and $30 for local meetings for non members.  Please note that if we do not sight a valid membership card at the door we reserve the right to insist on the door charge. 

What are the differences between a keynote meeting and a local meeting?

Not many. 

Keynote meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month between February and November at a central location.  Presently we are at the Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar School 14 Howe Street Freemans Bay.  These are big meetings where we invite industry leaders to give keynote presentations. 

Local meetings are held at satellite locations all around Auckland to address the fact that our city is quite spread out and from time to time it is difficult for members to attend meetings that are not within their vicinity.  Local meetings are still presented by high calibre speakers but are just held at smaller venues and the catering on the night also reflects the small number of people we expect to be in attendance. 

What kind of support does APIA members receive?

Many investors join our association for the purpose of getting support and guidance in terms of being a property investor and landlord.  We are here to help.  We ask that your first port of call be [email protected].  Once you email us your enquiry we will try to find you an answer and respond to the email.  If it is too complex an issue we will recommend you to speak to one of the property industry professionals we know of.  These people tend to be APIA members and have had a long history of supporting other APIA members too.

When does my membership start and end?

That depends on when you join.  Our cut off date is on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (which is when we have our keynote meetings)

If you join between the first of the month and that month's keynote meeting then your membership starts on the first of the month and ends one calendar year after that.  If you join between the day after the keynote meeting and the end of the month then your membership will start on the first of the following month. 

For example, the July 2012 keynote meeting was on the 10th of July.  Anyone joining between the 1st of July and the 10th of July will have their memberships starting from the 1st of July 2012 and ending on the 30th of June 2013.  Anyone joining between the 11th of July and the 30th of July will have their memberships starting on the 1st of August 2012 and ending on the 31st of July 2013. 

Who can become a sponsor?

Under our existing policies and sponsorship agreements already in place, we respectfully decline sponsorship requests from the following types of businesses:

  • property resellers;
  • banks and financial institutions;
  • mortgage brokers; and
  • any business that pertains the the selling, letting and managing of Auckland CBD apartments

Otherwise, we welcome sponsorship enquiries from all property related professionals/businesses.  Please submit your enquiry to[email protected].

Why am I receiving advertising materials?

From time to time our members do receive promotional materials from sponsors of our events or newsletter.  Week in week out we get regular offers and promotions by local businesses to advertise to our members.  We do not believe members of a non profit organisation should be exposed to a constant bombardment of advertising materials.  However we do recognise that having a secondary income stream in the form of sponsorship helps keeping our membership fees as low as possible.  As such, we have a system where in exchange of an appropriate sponsorship fee, we pass on advertising/promotional offers to our members on behalf of local businesses.  Please be assured that our membership database is secure and will never be sold or revealed to a third party.  For more information, please read this blog post

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