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Greenstar Energy Solutions

Greenstar Energy Solutions

Winter is approaching and many kiwi families will be feeling the effects of cold, damp, and draughty homes. Greenstar Energy Solutions can make this winter for you and your tenants more bearable as we take the ‘one stop shop’ approach when it comes to making Kiwi homes warmer, drier and more energy efficient. Ask us about our range of home insulation, heating and ventilation options.


A fully insulated house needs about half the heating of an uninsulated house. In fact, paying a bit more for insulation now will save you money well into the future, as increased savings each year will eventually pay for the insulation that will continue saving you money, year after year after year. 
By insulating and heating your investment properties your tenants be happier and will stay longer, therefore you will get a better return on your investment over a longer period of time. 
We have a special running over the winter months until the end of July on our insulation and heating products. Please mention you are an APIA member and you will get up to $300 off your insulation and a further $250 off your heat-pump.

Phone: 21888605

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.myhealthyhome.co.nz

Address: 15/35 Saleyards Road Otahuhu Auckland 2023

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