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Lessons learned - Candid reflections of 3 IRL investors

The most valuable investment lessons through the lenses of three real life investors...

Mark Honeybone: How I analyse property deals

Seasoned investor and RE agent Mark Honeybone shares his particular method for analysing property deals and it is not all about spreadsheets! File download: Mark's cashflow analysis spreadsheet (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=168065)..

APIA x Renters United: On industry professionalism

We speak to Renters United spokesperson Ashok Jacob about how he sees professionalism shaping up in the rental sector, the work that still has to be done and what Renters United will continue lobbying for on behalf of tenants...

How property investors can diversify into business ownership

Business and property investor Kenneth Leong shares his insights into how the two types of investments intersect with each other and how property investors can incorporate small businesses into their investment portfolio in this market...

Tenancy Tribunal suppression orders

To what extent have suppression orders handicapped future landlords' ability to vet tenants and best practice suggestions for landlords going forward...

Update on the further tightening of mortgage lending (August 2021)

Mortgage broker and advisor Kris Pedersen shares information on debt-to-income, interest rate floors and the political-policy interplay between the Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank that are set to impact investors in this market...

Data from the frontline - What the numbers are saying about the NZ property market

CoreLogic Head of Research Nick Goodall presents a market review and share his thoughts on investor confidence and to what extent have government policies impacted investors' activities...

Tony Alexander on the 2021 property market

Esteemed independent economist Tony Alexander returns to APIA to talk about the 2021 property market, what has and hasn't surprised him and where he sees it heading towards. ..

How to rent to tenants with pets

Renting to pet-owning tenants is not for everybody but for those landlords who are open to the idea to do so there could be ample opportunities and positives. We get together with Amanda Chue of Barfoot & Thompson Browns Bay and Rene Swindley of Initio Insurance to chat about renting to..

How to overcome development impediments in this market

Ryan Smuts (Kris Pedersen Mortgages) and Kevin Smith (Keith Hay Homes) shares effective ways for investors to take advantage of the new-build exemption under the new interest limitation rules...



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