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Is 2016 the start of the end for investors?

NZPIF Executive Officer, Andrew King, pops in to have a chat with us about policy and regulatory developments in 2016 and what is in store for investors in 2017. Issues touched on includes meth detection and decontamination standards, Holler v Osaki, interest rates, and changes in tenancy law...

Profiting from your own backyard - (South) Auckland development guide

Experienced developers Malcolm Ford and Barry Walker of Keith Hay Homes show you how to carry out an initial site investigation for the purpose of building and development under the Auckland Unitary Plan. You will learn about what to look out for from the geomaps and potential site obstacles to..

The anatomy of a property insurance policy

Insurer Gary van Zijl unpacks and explains key elements of a property insurance document to help you compare and contrast different policies on the market...

Landlording post Holler v Osaki

Find out how Holler v Osaki has changed the way you can claim compensation when a tenant unintentionally damages your rental property. Gary van Zijl from Initio Insurance unpacks the policy argument behind Holler and discusses how the decision is impacing the landlord industry as a whole...

A technical approach to investing for the long term

Kesh Maharaj shares his passion for property and business acumen in this powerful presentation about how to invest long term in a practical sense. In this anticipated talk, Kesh digs deeper into how you can systematically identify opportunities, maximise cash flow and ultimately how to be in co..

The Invisible Millionaire

Author of The Invisible Millionaire, Jonathan Bidmead, recounts his journey to total financial independence with property. In his usual relatable fashion, Jonathan talks about the key principles of building wealth with property...

Methamphetamine - a landlord's recent brush with P-contamination

APIA President, Andrew Bruce, and Initio Insurance Business Manager, Gary van Zijl, talk openly about what happens when a property has been contaminated with methamphetamine both in terms of testing/clean-up but also at the insurance claim level...

A 2016 investment and economic outlook

ANZ Senior Economist Sharon Zöllner returns to APIA to talk about how the NZ economy is tracking, what are the global and domestic influencers and more importantly, how do the housing and construction markets fit within the our overall economic framework...

Context to the LVR restrictions and credit policy changes

ANZ Head of Mortgages, Glenn Stevenson, explains the policy reasons behind the latest LVR restrictions, how the bank will respond in terms of its lending policies and ultimately how investors can get the most out of your banking relationships...

Legal workshop for property investors

Property lawyer Kristine King shares a smorgasbord of much needed legal knowledge for property investors. From the National Policy Statement to implied contract, this presentation is designed to arm you for success both in investing as well as in business...



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