The 5 biggest mistakes investors make

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Transitioning from buy-and-hold to building & development

Ilan Blumental shares his investment and development experience at The Builder, The Trader, & The Stranger, the APIA November 2014 keynote meeting. Ilan started his property journey as a buy and hold investor and has successfully transitioned into development projects. His sure and steady ..

The importance of setting goals

Having specific goals can help shape the trajectory of your investment journey. APIA President Andrew Bruce and Property Coach Ron Hoy Fong draw on their years of investment experience to give guidance on how to plan your investment for success...

Property trading vs property investing

Traders turned investor Jolene Bagby and Jacek Baranowski draw on their years of experience in both property trading and investment and share their journeys with APIA investors. Jolene and Jacek contrast the two strategies and share tips on how to excel in both with as well as give guidance on ..

Auckland 2015 - Andrew King

NZPIF ( Executive Officer Andrew King anticipates what an increase in Auckland house prices will do to rental incomes and tenant pool sizes...

Housing in New Zealand - Fixing Broken Dreams

Perhaps our biggest property contrarian, Shamubeel Eaqub speaks about this over-valued market, how it affects investors and home buyers as well as looks to the future of the Auckland property market...

The Extra 15%: A study in capital gains tax

Ernst & Young tax partner and leader in CGT research Aaron Quintal gives a definitive guide on capital gains tax, what it entails and how it will affect investors...

Moving People - An Examination Of Auckland Non Homeownership & Renters Trends

Auckland Council Senior Researcher, Alison Reid, gives an interesting take on the viability of the Auckland property market as an investment stock by examining the spread of Auckland non-homeownership. Take a look to get a true understanding of where the tenants are coming from and where do the..

Fuelling Supplies - A Council Update On The Auckland Housing Accord

In September 2013 the Auckland Council and Central Government signed the "Auckland Housing Accord" setting up Special Housing Areas to expedite the delivery of 39,000 houses by 2016. One year into the project, Housing Project Director Ree Anderson gives APIA investors an update on the AHA and S..

Houses or apartments?

Auckland apartments represent a niche market that add value to a portfolio in an unique way. Experienced investor and trusted commentator David Whitburn gives new investors some food for thought when deciding which type of properties to invest in - houses or apartments?..

What to look out for in a credit report?

In this The Good Stuff episode, credit expert and landlord Craeg Williams ( shares the three warning bells you should be looking for when reading a tenant applicant's credit report. Craeg also shares the correct terminologies to use when communicating to both s..



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