The 5 biggest mistakes investors make

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Mandatory insulation requirements and PinkFit offer

Lance Spalding of PinkFit gives a overview of the briefing paper for mandatory insulation to be installed in all rental properties by 2019 as well as an update on where the proposed amendments and alternative funding methods available to property owners. His presentation also includes an announ..

Unlimited - Surpassing expectations at any stages of investment

Success has many faces and it is not always the overnight get rich story that shocks and overwhelms us mere mortals. No. Success is a far more prevalent concept within the investor community than the newspaper will lead you to believe. At this special event, we have lined up four very differe..

How to deal with disruptions to your portfolio

For over 18 years, Amanda Watt has been a property investor as well as a chartered accountant servicing other investors. Having seen first hand how a portfolio can be disrupted by phases of a property cycle as well as life events, Amanda has developed a set of fail-safe checkpoints to help guid..

Break Through - How Auckland investors can overcome the 30% challenge

Alternative investment and development funding methodologies for Auckland investors to consider post October 2015...

Potential economic tensions facing investors in the coming year

ANZ Senior Economist Philip Borkin gives a timely update on economic outlook as well as upcoming regulatory changes facing investors. This presentation was part of the Auckland Property Investors' Association May 2015 keynote meeting titled Bursting Bubbles - How to survive and prosper from ..

D'oh! Blunders, recoveries, & learnings

With a combined 55+ years investment history between them, investors Sonny Lemalu, Lucy Smith, and Andrew Bruce get together to recount past mistakes, learnings and why despite all the stumbling blocks they are still investing in properties...

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make

Investor and renovation expert, Mark Trafford, speaks to APIA about the five biggest mistakes he sees investors make day in and day out. Mark's presentation not only cover maintenance and renovation mistakes but also mistakes that go into the heart of your portfolio including your strategy as w..

Property Web Chat with Andrew Bruce

Investor and APIA President Andrew Bruce signs in to our March live web chat to answer questions from his fellow investors. Andrew covers issues such as investment strategies, evaluating deals, commercial properties as well as interest rates. Our next chat session is scheduled for the 1st of A..

A night with Andy Davies

Andy Davies' name is synonymous with property. Recounting his journey from a renter to purchasing his first property with a solicitor's finance to building up a real estate business and eventually developing the famed Ponsonby Central as well as the Unistay chain of luxury student accommodation..

Investing offshore - the Vegas experience

Tim Duffett invests in both New Zealand and Vegas. Why Vegas? Watch Tim's energetic presentation about his investment strategy as well as the interesting stories along the way...



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