The 5 biggest mistakes investors make

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Legal workshop for property investors

Property lawyer Kristine King shares a smorgasbord of much needed legal knowledge for property investors. From the National Policy Statement to implied contract, this presentation is designed to arm you for success both in investing as well as in business...

LVR Restrictions - Is this the end of the road for property investors?

Property investor and coach Ron Hoy Fong joins us today to talk about how the LVR restrictions will affect the Auckland market going forward and what investors should do in response...

The NZ housing crisis - Causes, conundrums and fixes

Jason Krupp (, Research Fellow at The New Zealand Initiative unpacks the intricacies of the current housing crisis, its causes, drivers and suggested fixes...

Embracing disruptions

Investor and developer Paul Kinley talks about investing for the long term, what stands in the way of your portfolio longevity and how to overcome them. Drawing from his experience working through the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake, Paul's story focuses and encourages recovery and grow..


Investor, developer and market commentator David Whitburn talks about the Auckland property market. In this rare presentation, David shows how he had built his portfolio off the back of a robust cash flow strategy. He discusses the Unitary Plan and various growth opportunities it repr..

Panuku Development Auckland - the future and direction of Auckland's growth

Part of Sleeping Giants (/BookingRetrieve.aspx?ID=194023), Panuku Development Auckland Strategic Director David Rankins gives an in-depth presentation on key council development principles, what is in store for Auckland and explores selected case studies of upcoming investment hotspots. ..

A how-to guide for Kiwi landlords: Part 2 - Rights

Second part of the How-To Guide for Kiwi Landlords focusing on tenant obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act, specifically sections 40-42...

Flat Bush - a case study on investing around infrastructural growth

Part of Sleeping Giants (/BookingRetrieve.aspx?ID=194023), investor Andrew Bruce describes his particular strategy using public infrastructural growth to direct his investment activities. In this presentation you will learn about how the principles are applied in practice on a Flat Bush propert..

A how-to guide for Kiwi landlords: Part 1 - Obligations

Part one of A how-to guide for the Kiwi landlord exploring the various statutory landlord obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act...

What is going on in Auckland - Truth, myths & flat out lies

Jonno Ingerson, Research Director of CoreLogic New Zealand, routinely shares in-depth market analysis with the Reserve Bank, MBIE, major commercial banks and key policy-makers to help inform and drive their decisions. In his first ever presentation to the Auckland Property Investors' Associatio..



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