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After 30+ years, this is what I know

Wayne Leathard brain-dumps all the best lessons he has picked up in over 30 years as an investor of Auckland properties...

A step-by-step guide to recycling equity

Recycling equity, everybody in property talks about it but how do you actually do it? Property educator Debbie Robert breaks down the strategy into a neat step-by-step guide...

Mixing business with pleasure

It is not uncommon for partners/spouses to team up to invest, nor is it unusual for an investor to go through various iterations of domestic situation throughout the lifetime of the property portfolio. Having a clear understanding of how relationship property law works in New Zealand is an impor..

Tinkering with your loan term to increase your wealth

Think of it this way: you are working towards a day when you have built up a solid level of net worth as well as a robust income stream. Ideally, you want that day to come sooner rather than later. Mindlessly piling up the debt just so you can acquire another property at a slight weekly cas..

5 things to do for a prosperous 2020

Experienced investor and buyers agent Nick Gentle shares his top 5 + bonus tips on how to set yourself up to be successful with investing in 2020...

What's driving the property market?

Understanding market drivers and the knock-on effects they have on your personal investment strategy is important for any investor who wants to be successful. Watch this video to learn from long-time investor and property coach, Debbie Roberts, talk about what is driving the current Aucklan..

An investor's guide to bathroom renovation

After the kitchen, the bathroom is perhaps the most critical renovation project and you can't afford to get wrong. This image and case study packed video will explore the essential components of a successful bathroom renovation. Whether you are renovating to hold or to sell, these are valuab..

Building nightmares and how to avoid them in the first place

Though construction disputes are as common as they are pesky, investors are not altogether turned off from the strategy. After all, building and construction continue to be a way to create a massive amount of value from one single site. In order to execute a successful construction project, the ..

Scouting opportunities: how to leverage data to add value and drive successful development projects

Developers are like talent scouts. They see not only potential but also a way to mould that potential into something valuable. Being able to identify and acquire sites with good value potential set good developers apart from the rest of the pack. It takes a combination of instinct through experi..

Tenancy Tribunal: A start-to-finish guide for landlords

Understanding the Tribunal process goes a long way in maximising your chance of successfully resolving a tenancy dispute. This presentation by Kristine King of Duncan King Law gives you the insights you need to apply, prepare for and enforce decisions smoothly...



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