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Is AirBnB going to crush the rental market

How will COVID-19's effects on tourism domino onto our residential rental market? Ed McKnight takes a deep-dive into AirBnB's market stats and gives his take...

How to read property reports

An over-the-shoulder walk-through of the REINZ report and to show investors how to read and understand property market reports...

COVID-19 key industry check-ins

A look at the effects of COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown has so far on key industries: property finance, tax and accounting, legal and property management...

A conversation with Andrew King

Watch Andrew King, immediate past Executive Officer of the New Zealand Property Investors' Federation and veteran of the investment industry reflect on his 20+ years being involved in investor advocacy, COVID-19, Election 2020 and what other challenges that face investors going forward...

EOFY 2020 Survival guide for investors

Tips on how best to work with your accountant this EOFY...

After 30+ years, this is what I know

Wayne Leathard brain-dumps all the best lessons he has picked up in over 30 years as an investor of Auckland properties...

A step-by-step guide to recycling equity

Recycling equity, everybody in property talks about it but how do you actually do it? Property educator Debbie Robert breaks down the strategy into a neat step-by-step guide...

Mixing business with pleasure

It is not uncommon for partners/spouses to team up to invest, nor is it unusual for an investor to go through various iterations of domestic situation throughout the lifetime of the property portfolio. Having a clear understanding of how relationship property law works in New Zealand is an impor..

Tinkering with your loan term to increase your wealth

Think of it this way: you are working towards a day when you have built up a solid level of net worth as well as a robust income stream. Ideally, you want that day to come sooner rather than later. Mindlessly piling up the debt just so you can acquire another property at a slight weekly cas..

5 things to do for a prosperous 2020

Experienced investor and buyers agent Nick Gentle shares his top 5 + bonus tips on how to set yourself up to be successful with investing in 2020...



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