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What you should and shouldn't worry about during a market correction?

Coping with market fluctuation is a way-of-life for property investors. But when things slow down, it becomes just a bit harder to stay objective and focus on the big picture. Debbie Robert shares some insights and tips to help you re-frame a market correction, focus on the must-fixes and keep u..

The Top 2 Inches: Managing Your Most Valuable Real Estate For Investing Success

It’s often said that property investing is a numbers game. But if it’s purely about the numbers why do we see novice (and experienced) investors make similar patterns of mistakes & errors of judgement that limit their investing success? Can psychology help us understand what’s going on in ou..

How to scale up your portfolio in the current market

Having a few properties on the side is all well and good. If you want to scale up, you may want to reexamine your investment strategy. After all, what got you to where you are today could very well fall short at getting you to where you want to be. At the very least, some tweaks here and there w..

Commercial investment #2 Funding & due diligence

How do you get to know the deal inside out? What funding partners/sources are out there? How do you put a 'hold' on the deal with you go away to do all that hard work? Watch this video to hear experienced commercial investor Mark Kirkland talk you through the second step of commercial prope..

Using your home equity to invest in rental properties

Existing equity is a way to fund rental investments. With the last few years being so generous to Auckland homeowners, it stands to reason that many investors would be thinking about putting that equity to good use. Before you do that, however, you should have a good understanding of the implica..

Making more or spending less?

A look at which money strategy will make the most difference with your portoflio...

REINZ accreditation and what it means for the future of property management

Barfoot & Thompson General Manager of Property Management, Samantha Arnold, showcases Elevate - the Barfoot & Thompson inhouse property management training programme that has recently been accredited by the REINZ. Samantha talks about what the accreditation means for Barfoot & Thomps..

Calling bull on these old wives tales

Examining some of the property investment old wives tales in today's light with Debbie Roberts of Property Apprentice..

Current issues facing investors - July 2019

NZPIF Executive Officer Andrew King gives an advocacy update on what current issues are facing investors, the NZPIF's ongoing dialogue with the government and what to expect in the coming months...

Coming soon to a property near you

Healthy Homes, ring-fencing, capital gains (phew!), tempestuous banks; don’t be fooled, investors are not out of the woods yet. Would-be laws and policy disruptors continue to pump their ways through our legislative pipeline. Knowing what they are will give you the foresight you need to make bet..



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