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Water, rats, meth, and now asbestos too?!

We discuss the four biggest structural threats to properties: moisture, pest, meth contamination, and asbestos - the risks they pose to your portfolio and how to manage them. Presentations by Mark Trafford of Maintain To Profit, Mark McDonald of Bug King, Steve Hegh of Professional Testing ..

5 most common mistakes investors make

Experienced investor and property coach Debbie Roberts of Property Apprentice shares the top five mistakes she sees investors make time and time again. This presentation is sponsored by Property Apprentice ( and contains promotional material towards the end. ..

How do residential investors branch out into the commercial market?

Expanding your portfolio into the commercial space can sometimes be intimidating even for the most experienced residential investor. Property investor and financial strategist Kris Pedersen shows you how to get yourself financially ready for the new world of commercial property investment...

2018 Residential tenancy panel

Open Q&A panel featuring residential tenancy experts in the compliance, commercial, and advisory spaces responding to kitchen table issues facing investors and answering their questions...

Keep calm and carry on

Hear long-term investor Jo Johson take stock of all the challenges facing investors in 2017, look past the hype to focus on personal and portfolio growth. If you are feeling overwhelmed about the Labour Government, the slowing market, and the increasingly anti-landlord rhetoric then this present..

How to become an area expert

Core Logic New Zealand Sales Director, Geoff Phillips, talks about the investing in an information age and how you can access, comb through, and make sense of the abundance of information out there to make better, more robust investment decisions...

My Buying Rules with Jo Johnson

We talk to Jo Johnson in the middle of her second property cycle to pick her brains about building long-term wealth and her buying strategy...

My Buying Rules with Jolene Bagby

We talk to experienced long-term investor Jolene Bagby (/apia-blog/5-minutes-with-jolene-bagby-and-jacek-baranowski) about her unique views on wealth creation and property investment. In particular, we ask Jolene to talk in detail about her buying rules, what types of properties she buys, is she..

How to push through common obstacles that hold investors back

Investor and mortgage adviser Kris Pedersen tackles the common obstacles that stall many other investors. Not only does Kris talk about current financing rules, he also discusses investment nuance such as process, discipline, and forward planning...

Landlording - what now

01-Nov-2017 residential tenancy expert, Scotney Williams, looks back on the year of change and talks about current and future challenges facing property investors. Subjects covered include FM Custodian, illegal premises, asbestos, meth, HSWA and many more...



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