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Calling bull on these old wives tales

Examining some of the property investment old wives tales in today's light with Debbie Roberts of Property Apprentice..

Current issues facing investors - July 2019

NZPIF Executive Officer Andrew King gives an advocacy update on what current issues are facing investors, the NZPIF's ongoing dialogue with the government and what to expect in the coming months...

Coming soon to a property near you

Healthy Homes, ring-fencing, capital gains (phew!), tempestuous banks; don’t be fooled, investors are not out of the woods yet. Would-be laws and policy disruptors continue to pump their ways through our legislative pipeline. Knowing what they are will give you the foresight you need to make bet..

Opportunities & risks in the short-stay rental market

Short-stay rental market expert Janet Johnson talks about how investors can benefit from this niche market, how to cope with increasing council regulation and maximising returns...

Trust law 2019

Trust law is about to be overhauled bringing about new obligations and rights for trustees and beneficiaries. This video digest takes you through what to expect and how to plan for the changes...

Overcoming funding challenges in the current market (ad)

Introducing Select, the new funding solution for property investors in this market. Select opens doors for self-employed, equity/serviceability challenged investors by providing a glide path to getting deals across the line...

No Boogeyman here

Paul Davis, Senior Operations Advisor of the Tenancy Compliance & Investigations Team (TCIT), talks about the inner workings of the TCIT, policy objectives, operational agenda, how investigative subjects are selected and audited and the set of criteria it would go through before taking ..

How laws are made

Property investors these days are becoming more engaged and politically-minded. And there are good reasons to be. Rising social and political pressures are reshaping the rules of engagement for investors in a way that one can no longer sit on the sideline. But affecting policies can seem difficu..

What does it take to become financially free?

A roadmap of how to invest well, minimise risks and incrementally work towards total financial freedom with property...

Reconsidering trusts

Can you still rely on trusts to be the best way to hold your investment properties? Lawyer Kristine King talks about how trusts are operated, the incoming trust law reform and what it means for property investors going forward...



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