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The High-Earner vs The Smart-Investor

Sure, earning more can certainly give you a headstart in many things but it certainly isn't the silver bullet to building long-term wealth. In a presentation that explores the interplay between cash-flow and equity, investors and mortgage advisors, Kris Pedersen and Ryan Smuts will show you..

Shaping Auckland - Urban design and the Auckland lifestyle

Auckland Design Champion and General Manager of the Auckland Design Office, Ludo Campbell-Reid shares his vision for Auckland and how the city embraces modern urban design trend to affect the way we live, work, move around, and interact with public spaces...

How to start investing when you have $40K or $50K

Starting an investment portfolio is never an easy fĂȘte, especially when you have worked hard to put together some seed capital. With portfolio progression and growth in mind, investor and mortgage advisor, Ryan Smut, shows you how to spend your first $40K or $50K wisely...

How to handle and recover from tenancy nightmares

Part of being a landlord is accepting that things can and do go wrong. No amount of reading the RTA nor attending landlord workshops can circumvent that. This seven-part video series features seasoned landlord and current APIA Vice President, Peter Lewis, on how to recover from tenancy nightmare..

Finance update for property investors (2018)

A summary update on current funding rules for rental properties, common financial and regulatory obstacles that are holding investors back and what can be done to navigate these changes. This presentation is by experienced broker, financial strategist, and property investor, Kris Pedersen and is..

Essential tax update for property investors (2018)

Get on top of all the recent tax changes that affected property investors from Amanda Watt, experienced chartered accountant, property investor, and speaker. Topics include Bright Line Test, Ring Fencing, Tax Efficiency and Compliance...

The secret of investing in property in any given market

While certain nuances of investment will always be tied in with the conditions of the market, there are a number of irrefutable investment principles that underpin any successful portfolio. Think of these as the foundation of a successful investment strategy. Find out from experienced investor a..

The Asbestos Regulations - A Guide For Landlords

The Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations went live on 4th April 2018. Take a look at this presentation to find out how these regulations apply to landlords and property managers...

You are not your past - how to shed past mistakes and create wealth with property

Just because you are starting off with financial skeletons in the closet doesn't mean you cannot create wealth with property. Without being preachy, this presentation gives you actionable tips on how to get your financial affairs in order so that you can leverage to the best of your abilities an..

How to do a feasibility study on your development site

Watch this step-by-step tutorial video to help you research a development site and carry out a feasibility study. Experienced developer and speaker, Barry Walker of Keith Hay Homes, shows you exactly what it takes to plan for a successful development project...



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