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How to end a fixed-term tenancy

A summary of the different ways to end a fixed-term tenancy including changes from the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2020. Chapters 00:54 Agenda 02:16 Termination is not eviction 04:44 Overview of a fixed-term tenancy 06:19 Roll-over rules 13:12 Termination by ..

Costly renovation mistakes to avoid

Renovator and investor James Goren shares war stories about renovation and distills the most costly mistakes you should avoid when upgrading your property...

Maximising values with good design principles

A refreshing take on property development through the lens of good design principles. Architect Marc Warrington talks about layouts, room design, overcoming spatial challenges and being a little bit more purposeful in your approach can yield great results for your next project!..

Maximising your property potential

An 2021 take on how to maximise the value of your land holdings. Featuring Barry Walker of Keith Hay Homes ( showcasing recent development projects and proven value-add methodologies. ..

S56B withdrawal from tenancy following family violence

A closer look at the new family violence provisions that facilitate quick withdrawal from the tenancy by a victim including salient points for landlords to be aware of. Chapters: 00:45 Agenda 02:42 Overview of ss56B-56E 06:57 Timing 10:38 What is "family violence" 14:..

Your development questions answered

Q&A session from our keynote Equity for the win! #1 Building and development featuring Barry Walker (Keith Hay Homes (, Marc Warrington (Marc Warrington Architects ( and Darin Bayer (White Associates (https://www..

Development finance

Darin Bayer of White Associates ( talks about what it takes to plan and execute a successful development project including common project pain points, financial representation, project set up, budget and programme...

Get ready for the RTAA 2020

Kristine King of DK Law gives a high-level overview of RTAA 2020 and discusses practical implications for landlords. Chapters: 00:31 Introduction 04:46 Key dates and phases 21:49 Bad news for landlords 29:57 Good news for landlords 37:23 Top tips for compliance 46:38..

What on earth are 'investment fundamentals' & how to prepare for an uncertain year

When the pros say to get your fundamentals right what exactly do they mean? Experienced investment coach Debbie Roberts talks about what you can and can't control when it comes to property investment and how to build a solid foundation for a successful 2021. Chapters: 01:07 ..

Upping the ante: The NPS-UD 2020 and its effects on property owners

Land economic Dr Douglas Fairgary showcases the National Policy Statement on Urban Development 2020, how it will affect property values and other impacts it will have on property owners...



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