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Who changed the rules

Investor Brian Hughes points out the sharp parallel between the UK and NZ regulatory conditions governing property investors and foreshadows what is to come for Kiwi investors..

One down, many more to go

APIA member Therese Bisquera recounts her start in property investment, the people who helped her along the way and how she got around the market challenges of high prices and tough lendings...

Using data to drive good investment decisions

Your investment decision is only as good as the quality of information you have access to. In this live demonstration, Antonette Ram from CoreLogic New Zealand walks investors through the key functionalities of RPNZ, the types of information available to investors, how to interpret them and most..

How to read a LIM report

Lawyer Kristine King talks about the trove of information to be found in a LIM report and why investors would do well to learn how to make good use of the information contained within...

Growing Auckland

Oftentimes the economy is analysed retrospectively by examining what had been. This time, we want to look at what is to come in order to showcase the economic opportunities and pockets of growth for investors.N ick Hill, Chief Executive of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED..

An investor's guide to kitchen renovation

This image and case study packed video will explore the essential components of a successful kitchen renovation. Whether you are renovating to hold or to sell, there are particular knacks to this job that you simply cannot afford to be ignorant of...

How to fix an invalid will

Kristine King from Duncan King Law returns to APIA to talk about how to identify unenforceable wills and how to fix them to preserve the intentions of the testator...

Unpacking the RTAA 2019

An indepth look at the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2019 concerning tenant damages, illegal premises and meth contamination + good practice tips...

What to expect when you invest in student housing

While the student housing market presents ample solid opportunities for property investors, it also throws up specific challenges that can sometimes become head-scratchers. That said, those investors with the know-how stand to build a robust portfolio off the back of the student housing mar..

How to set rent

Setting the right amount of rent is an important component of a successful rental portfolio. Too little rent will hinder your growth and make your investments unnecessarily stressful; too much rent will scare away good tenants and end up costing you in the long run. This presentation is designed..



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