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5 Star AirBnB from start to finish

An inside take on how to run a successful AirBnB (or other short-term) rental in this day and age. Investor Alex Rogers talks about the day-to-day challenges, how to start and end strong and how short-term rental strategies can fit in with your long-term investment goals...

How to successfully refinance in the current market

Refinancing is simply part of life for any long-term property investor. It makes sense, therefore, to understand how to refinance well so that you are progressing towards your investment goals. This video covers the several considerations you should take into account when refinancing to ens..

How to get your property deals funded in 2019

Make a strong start to 2019 with this presentation by investors and financial strategists Kris Pedersen and Ryan Smuts about the potential market pain points and opportunities in the next 12 months. Don't wait until January, now is the time to start thinking about how to invest smarter in 2019...

How to invest in properties when you have a full time job

Investing when you have a full-time job is a reality for many property investors. That doesn't mean you should set yourself a less ambitious goal or that your portfolio should be lagging behind that of a full-time investor's. This video presentation shows you how to leverage your time and resour..

Capital gain vs cash flow

Find out the perfect capital gain/cash flow balance you need to maintain to make headways in the current Auckland market. Speaker Debbie Roberts discusses the fine balance both in terms of current market condition as well as your personal investment goals...

Rise to the occasion - How I am steaming ahead despite the negative headlines

Kristin Sutherland is feeling confident. And she has good reasons to. A veteran investor with extensive experience in Australia, Christchurch (pre- and post-earthquake!) and Auckland, Kristin is not fazed by news from the Beehive. Instead, she is focusing on strengthening her investment str..

Understanding the proposed RTA reform and HHGA standards

NZPIF Executive Officer and investor advocate, Andrew King, talks about two pieces of legislative developments that should be on the forefront of all landlords’ minds: the impending reform of Residential Tenancies Act and finer details of the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act. Find out what i..

How to supercharge your investment journey

Be thoroughly rewarded by your investment efforts by learning how to live a healthy and energised life. Long-time property investor and physiotherapist Alex Blazhevskyiy has put together some easy to follow tips and simple tweaks you can make to live healthier and longer to enjoy the fruits of y..

Smart ways to invest for late-starters

Starting to invest late in life though daunting, shouldn't be a disadvantage. This presentation shows you how to use your existing equity smartly, find the right information and make good decisions to build wealth with property while making up for lost time...

How to avoid the One Bank Trap?

Avoiding the One Bank Trap is perhaps one of the most important financing knowledge for property investors. Take a look at this presentation to find out how you can become a valued customer with each lender without having your momentum stalled by changing lending criteria and becoming too relian..



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