Keynote: Take the 'Gambling' out of Property Investing - An Industry Expert Guide On Supercharging Your Rental Returns With An Effective Tenant Risk Management Plan


Date: 10-Sep-2013

Capacity: 350 (11% booked) 

Presentation by Scotney Williams and Keith McLaughlin
Sponsored by TPS Credit Control and Centrix 
7.15pm start following the APIA Happy Hour
DWC Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar School, 14 Howe Street, Freemans Bay
Free Entry for APIA Members, $75 Cash for Non Members      


Your profitability as a landlord depends on the reliability of your tenant.  How do you make sure you have the best possible candidate to occupy your investment property and secure superior and steady rental return in order to get ahead in the property game?  As Al, our favourite APIA landlord would tell you, the world of landlording can be filled with traps causing you nothing more than massive headaches.  How do you make sure you do not fall victim to the dark side of being a landlord?

To kick off the night, Craeg Williams, Manager of TPS Credit Control, will share with landlords his 3 essential tips for tenancy debt management with residential landlords to help you deal effectively with rent arrears and enforcing Tribunal money orders.

  • Tenancy debt recovery issues;
  • Reference check tips; and 
  • Best practice guide for gathering contact information from your tenants.

Scotney Williams, leading Residential Tenancy and Debt Recovery expert, and Keith McLaughlin, founder of Baycorp, Managing Director of Centrix and established authority in the credit risk industry, will show you how to effectively manage your tenants, minimise rent arrears, maximise debt recovery and supercharge rental returns.  

Scotney will cover

  • tenant application and selection process; 
  • legal protections available for landlords pre-tenancy;
  • how to split Watercare bills and pass on variable charges to tenants; 
  • best debt collection/enforcement methods; 
  • abandonment checklist; 
  • help untangle Al's landlording mess; and
  • answer your questions
Keith will cover
  • how a credit report can guide your business decisions; 
  • the role of Centrix in relation to the credit risk industry; 
  • important information for landlords from a Centrix credit report; 

At this meeting, TPS Credit Control will launch its latest Residential Tenancy Agreement.  This agreement has been drafted with landlords in mind.  By distilling years of experience chasing and enforcing tenancy debt, TPS has been able to incorporate its first-hand knowledge into this preemptive agreement to providing landlords with maximum protection right at the start of tenancy.  By attending this meeting, you will receive an exclusive copy of this agreement.  

Also at this meeting: How Will You Be Affected By The LVR Speed Limits?

James Birks, ANZ Regional Manager for Auckland Central and West Mobile Mortgage Managers, will give a presentation covering the recent RBNZ imposition of LVR Restrictions on home loans.  Specifically, James will cover how the restriction will be operated by ANZ and who it will affect from 1st October onwards.  Find out from James how your loan values will be calculated, who can still take out a high LVR loan, and how to best tap into your existing equity in order to avoid disruptions to your investment plans.  

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